conventional services with unconventional reach

KCHK nurtures the commitment to build an alternative type of financial and consulting firm. The company thinks and behaves out of the box to break from the traditional investment and consulting world. Today, we know our clients are looking for this type of service.

Throughout our previous careers we witnessed inefficiencies and biases that a nimble and versatile firm can overcome.

We created KCHK to fill a gap. To be a bridge between regions, mindsets, and cultures.

From a financial advisory company setup in 2010 in Hong Kong to source and execute transactions in Asia, we evolved into a full-fledged investment banking and advisory boutique, with traditional services but a unique approach and philosophy.

In 10 years, we have closed multiple transactions for our clients, helping them raise funds, finding strategic investors and partners and opening new markets for their products and services.

We want to remain with a human size company, but we always leverage incredible experts and professionals in our network when and where needed. Together, we bring unique experience at the crossroads of corporate finance, business development, strategic advisory, investing, and entrepreneurship.

Our Founding Partners: 

Jean-Daniel Sciboz spends his time between Switzerland and Asia, maintaining and developing our network of partners and investors. 

He brings a wealth of experience in banking, investments and HR, likes to challenge assumptions and status quo. 

His motto: "and ?"

Richard Joye navigates between Barcelona, Japan and the Middle East gathering insights and building bridges for our clients. 

His strong institutional background, together with a diverse education, makes him a professional who can add expertise to many industries.

His motto: "assumptions are great, but data is better"