our network is our wealth

Like everyone in our field of work, we know Venture Capitalists, Private Equity firms, sought-after private and institutional investors, and CEOs.

What clients need and what we offer is a network built from real-life experiences.

VCs and PEs with whom we co-invested in the past, who we invested in when we were managing portfolios. 

Private and Institutional investors who trust us, and genuinely look into our pitch decks. 

CEOs who we know from kindergarten, or who we helped being hired in the past. 


We don’t just know names. We know who does what, who invests, and who is talking but doing nothing.

We are on the ground. We are mobile, flexible and versatile. We meet people whenever possible. 

We rarely go to events or conferences. We meet people wherever and whenever it makes sense. This is our philosophy. 

private equity & venture capital

strategic & specific


financial & banking

government & lobby